We create, manufacture and assemble fast-to-market, flexible PCBs for imaging, hearing aids, spectrometers, diagnostic glucose monitors, and heart rate monitors.

Compass Technology has a long-established track record and expertise in manufacturing, assembly, testing and sourcing of piece parts for consumer diagnostics such as modules for dual microphones for hearing aids, glucose monitors, heart rate monitors, and imaging solutions such as modules for X-rays and CT scanners. We enable our customers to bring their products to market faster and at the lowest total cost of ownership.


We design, fabricate, and assemble innovative modules for transmitters, transceivers and transponders for Datacom and Telecom applications.

We work with major players in optical segments such as transmitters, transceivers and transponders for Datacom and Telecom applications. Over the past 0we havenumerous for . We totally understand the high-quality and reliability requirements of this field, and our customers rely on us to be a single source in most of their product categories.

Consumer Electronics

We offer design and high-volume manufacturing services for modules for phones, tablets, and embedded systems and displays.

We have a huge partner base across Asia which allows us to deliver high-volume products in the most cost-effective way. We understand the importance of time-to- market in this segment and have a separate New Product Introduction (NPI) team based in Hong Kong specifically for consumer electronics. We offer design, manufacturing and post manufacturing services of various modules for smart phones, tablets, embedded systems and displays.

Wearable Electronics

We produce multi-layer flexible substrates, for fast-to-market delivery of smaller, lighter and more sophisticated, multi-functional design solutions.

Wearable electronics has grown 5-fold in recent years. We are continually driving our technology to handle more complex designs that are smaller and lighter, and yet offer more features and functions. Our multi-layer flexible substrates, solder flip chip and bendability offer sophisticated modules to solve most market demands. Our dedicated engineers provide the most effective design solutions for both size and function.

Industrial & Networking

We offer the smallest, most richly optimized geometry to overcome every size, cost and temperature challenge.

We have over 20 years of leadership in semiconductor packaging and manufacturing technology for the industrial and networking market. Our products offer best-of-class technology with the smallest, most richly optimized geometry to help customers overcome every size, cost and temperature challenge. Our TAPE Ball Grid Array (TBGA) is a mid to high-end Ball Grid Array solution that offers outstanding thermal performance.


We provide optimized designs for maximally reliable end products, with infinitely flexible printed circuits that are unmatched in performance.

We empower the automotive industry with advanced electronic solutions to overcome every performance challenge. Our optimized designs enable us to deliver the most reliable end products with unmatched performance capabilities. Our flexible manufacturing technology and service approach allows us to address our customers’ specific needs for varied printed circuits. We vary our assemblies for the most demanding smart automotive electronics.


We are re-defining the next generation of OLEDs with our own range of ultra-fine pitch and ultra-flexible PCBs.

Our ongoing vision is to redefine the very nature of the Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED’s) and Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon, (LTPS) technologies, used in displays. By introducing our own range of ultra-fine pitch flexible PBCs. TDDI (Touch & Display Driver Integration) that requires ultra HD flexible printed circuit boards we offer an attractive approach that benefits size reduction, design and performance for the next generation of display modules. We are already using ultra-fine pitches of 16um or below after implementing our own self-developed state of the art “Full Additive” manufacturing process. With this process, pitches can go down to as low as 8um.

Emerging Markets

We develop multiple solutions for some of the worlds’ most demanding customers in both new and emerging markets.

We have a proven track record of developing solutions in new and emerging markets for the world’s most demanding customers, and we have maintained this trend year on year. By spending over 10% of our revenue on R&D each year, we are now among the best in world at handling multiple programs for new technology with a focus on emerging markets.

Customized Solutions

We provide innovative, customized high-mix, low volume, and low-mix, high volume solutions tailored to customer needs.

With reel-to-reel manufacturing lines for flexible PCBs and panel form assembly operations, we offer both high-mix, low volume, and low-mix high volume products. With over 20 years of experience in Design and R&D, our engineers are able to provide bespoke customized solutions to address each customer’s needs. We have a separate team assigned to ensure the most effective development work.