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Flexible Printed Circuits
Ideal for products which are complex, compact and light weight.
Applications :
Electronic Cameras, Calculators, Computers Communications Equipment,Measurement Devices, Space Vehicles, Smart Card.
Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) are widely used in creating products that are complex, compact and lightweight. It can be bent around packaging and even over itself in order to fit into a much smaller device. It can be folded and shaped as desired to satisfy tight space constraints. FPCs are also effective in preventing incorrect wiring while reducing wiring costs. Just like conventional PCBs, electrical parts can be mounted on FPCs.
The key growth areas for FPC over the next few years will be in cell phones, display interconnects, and PDAs. Following are some of the benefits of using FPCs:

- High reliability
- Mechanical strength
- 3-D packaging system
- Light weight
- Excellent in dynamic applications

" We bring FLEX-ibility to life."

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