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Major Events  

2004 Production of Flexible Printed Circuit for Camera Module of Mobile Phones
June 2003 Kunshan Vice Mayor delegation visit  
June 2003 2ML COF products introduced.
March 2003 38 micron pitch COF introduced
August 2001 Former Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Liu visits.
April 2001 ITF Program for Embedded Passives on Tape Substrates
March 2001 Facility renovation of China Inspection Center completed
November 2000 HKSAR Commerce and Industry Bureau delegation visits
October 2000 Bumped Flip Chip Flex introduced
September 2000 2ML commercial production started
July 2000 Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, The People’s Republic of China's Visit
June 2000 2ML product introduced to customers
May 2000 Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Secretariat visits
May 1999 Chief Executive Mr. Tung Chee Hwa visited site  
January 1999 Commercial Production Started


" We bring FLEX-ibility to life."
News & Events

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