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World Class By Any Standard

Besides investing in our staff and production equipment, we have spent over US$ 2 million in setting up the most advanced and comprehensive waste treatment system. Our waste water treatment procedures ensure the quality of our disposed water, meets the tightest environmental regulations. And our state-of-art the clean-room facilities are designed at Class 1K, 5K and 10K for sub-micron lithography.
With one thing in mind 'quality', we set out to build a factory not only for today's demands but also for tomorrow's. Using the latest and most advanced automated reel-to-reel manufacturing systems, our wide variety of products spectrum such as Tape Ball Grid Array, Chip Scale Package, Chip On Flex, micro Ball Grid Array, Flexible Printed Circuit for Camera Module and other High Density Flexible Printed Circuit meet the most strigent standards of the high density interconnect IC assembly requirements.


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